Models of Fractal River Basins
On the Regularity of the Multifractal Spectrum of Bernoulli Convolutions
2D Ising Model with Layers of Quenched Spins
Random-Cluster Analysis of a Class of Binary Lattice Gases
Cluster Structure of Collapsing Polymers
Critical Exponents for the Contact Process under the Triangle Condition
Parallel Dynamics of Fully Connected Q-Ising Neural Networks
Metastates in Disordered Mean-Field Models II
Statistics of Mass Aggregation in a Self-Gravitating One-Dimensional Gas
Anomalies in Multifractal Formalism for Local Time of Brownian Motion
Predictive Turbulence Modeling by Variational Closure
Renormalization of the Chapman–Enskog Expansion
Existence, Stability, and Convergence of Solutions of Discrete Velocity Models to the Boltzmann Equation
Discrete Velocity Models for Mixtures
Two-Particle Spectrum of the Generator for Stochastic Model of Planar Rotators at High Temperatures
Large Deviations and Ergodicity for Spin Particle Systems
A Level 1 Large-Deviation Principle for the Autocovariances of Uniquely Ergodic Transformations with Additive Noise
Scaling Limits of Solutions of the Heat Equation for Singular Non-Gaussian Data
Two Points Blow-up in Solutions of the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Quartic Potential on ℛ
The Kac Version of the Sherrington–Kirkpatrick Model at High Temperatures
Time's Arrows and Quantum Measurement.
Chaos in Atomic Physics
The Casimir Effect and its Applications
Program of the 78th Statistical Mechanics Meeting
Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics