Viscous Fingering Patterns in Ferrofluids
Characterization of Labyrinthine Patterns and Their Evolution
Convection and Diffusion in Patterns in Oscillated Granular Media
Axial Segregation of Powders in a Horizontal Rotating Tube
Scaling of a Slope
Ostwald Ripening in Two Dimensions
Absence of Proper Nondegenerate Generalized Self-Similar Singularities
Exact Results for Conditional Means of a Passive Scalar in Certain Statistically Homogeneous Flows
Computing the Scaling Exponents in Fluid Turbulence from First Principles
Chaotic Behavior in Shell Models and Shell Maps
Self-Consistent Approximations in Relativistic Plasmas
On Spherically Symmetric Gravitational Collapse
On the Heat Transfer in Rayleigh–Bénard Systems
Turbulent Helium Gas Cell as a New Paradigm of Daily Meteorological Fluctuations?
On the Superfluid Fraction of an Arbitrary Many-Body System at T = 0
Duality in Two Capacitively Coupled Layered Arrays of Ultrasmall Josephson Junctions
Quasiclassical Wavefunctions
Trace Formulas for Stochastic Evolution Operators
Fractal Dimension of Julia Set for Nonanalytic Maps
Chaos, Complexity, and Computers
Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics