On the Stability of the O(N)-Invariant and the Cubic-Invariant Three-Dimensional N-Component Renormalization-Group Fixed Points in the Hierarchical Approximation
Growth of Ordered Domains in a Computer Model Alloy with Lattice Misfit
Exact Solution of a Cellular Automaton for Traffic
Generalized von Smoluchowski Model of Reaction Rates, with Reacting Particles and a Mobile Trap
Construction of BGK Models with a Family of Kinetic Entropies for a Given System of Conservation Laws
Persistence in Reaction-Diffusion Problems
Stochastic Symmetry-Breaking in a Gaussian Hopfield Model
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Computing the Topological Entropy for Piecewise Monotonic Maps on the Interval
Entropy Production in Nonlinear, Thermally Driven Hamiltonian Systems
A Gallavotti–Cohen-Type Symmetry in the Large Deviation Functional for Stochastic Dynamics
The Fluctuation Theorem as a Gibbs Property
Smooth Dynamics and New Theoretical Ideas in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics
An Example of Nonuniqueness for Solutions to the Homogeneous Boltzmann Equation
Radiative Transport in a Periodic Structure
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