Determinants of Airy Operators and Applications to Random Matrices
Transition from the Compact to the Dense Phase of Two-Dimensional Polymers
Polymer Gas Approach to N-Body Lattice Systems
The Restriction of the Ising Model to a Layer
Variational Principle for Some Renormalized Measures
Statistical Entropy of a Lattice-Gas Model
Diffusion of a Test Chain in a Quenched Background of Semidilute Polymers
The Computational Complexity of Sandpiles
Entropy Production
A Semiclassical Theory of a Dissipative Henon–Heiles System
Continuum Field Model of Driven Lattice Gases
Stochastic One-Dimensional Lorentz Gas on a Lattice
Existence of Solutions of a Kinetic Equation Modeling Cometary Flows
Stationary Scattering Theory for a Charged Particles Transport Problem
Some Results on Sinai Diffusion
Microscopic Analysis of Clausius–Duhem Processes
On Percolation with Fibers or Layers
On Relativistic Collisional Invariants
Spatial Statistics of Stochastic Fiber Networks
Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics