Positivity of Entropy Production1
Note on the Kaplan–Yorke Dimension and Linear Transport Coefficients
Properties of Stationary Nonequilibrium States in the Thermostatted Periodic Lorentz Gas I
The Nosé–Hoover Thermostated Lorentz Gas
Modeling Thermostating, Entropy Currents, and Cross Effects by Dynamical Systems
Transient Chaos and Critical States in Generalized Baker Maps
Entropy Production and Transports in a Conservative Multibaker Map with Energy
Density-Dependent Diffusion in the Periodic Lorentz Gas
Microscopic Chaos and Reaction-Diffusion Processes in the Periodic Lorentz Gas1
Active Control of Molecular Dynamics
Control of Wave Packet Revivals Using Geometric Phases
Non-Adiabatic Dynamics in Mixed Quantum-Classical Systems
Langevin Equation of Collective Modes of Bose–Einstein Condensates in Traps
Integrable Limits of Dynamics in Trapped Bose-Condensates
Presence of Energy Flux in Quantum Spin Chains
On the Level Spacing Distribution in Quantum Graphs
On Two-Dimensional Area-Preserving Diffeomorphisms with Infinitely Many Elliptic Islands
Dynamical Phenomena near a Saddle-Focus Homoclinic Connection in a Hamiltonian System1
Hyperbolicity and Astigmatism
Asymptotics of High Order Noise Corrections
Asymptotic Behaviour for Critical Slowing-Down Random Walks1
Random Walks on a Fractal Solid
Stokes' Drift
Microscopic Simulation of Limit Cycle Behavior in Spatially Extended Systems
Nonlinear Dynamics and Fluctuations of Dissipative Toda Chains1
Most Probable Histories for Nonlinear Dynamics
Excitable Structures in Stochastic Bistable Media
Universal Character of Stochastic Resonance and a Constructive Role of White Noise
Reaction–Diffusion Patterns in Confined Chemical Systems
Recent Theoretical Developments on the Formation of Liesegang Patterns1
Spatial Unfolding of Elementary Bifurcations
Nearly Vertical Hopf Bifurcation for a Passively Q-Switched Microchip Laser1
Asymptotic Description of a Viscous Fluid Layer
Simulating 2D Flows with Viscous Vortex Dynamics
Selection of an Attractor in a Continuum of Stable Solutions
Nanoscale Wave Patterns in Reactive Adsorbates with Attractive Lateral Interactions
Dynamics of Adsorbate Islands with Nanoscale Resolution
Surface Restructuring, Kinetic Oscillations, and Chaos in Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions1
Entrainment Versus Chaos in a Model for a Circadian Oscillator Driven by Light-Dark Cycles
A Simple Generalized Excitability Model Mimicking Salient Features of Neuron Dynamics1
Beyond Storage Capacity in a Single Model Neuron
Stochastic Adiabatic Wall
Properties of Some Chaotic Billiards with Time-Dependent Boundaries
(Anti)coherence and (Anti)persistence in Natural and Mathematical Time Series1
Statistical Dynamics of Clustering in the Genome Structure
Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics