Scaling, Optimality, and Landscape Evolution
Classification of Multiscaling in Fracture and Fragmentation
The Spectral Gap of the 2-D Stochastic Ising Model with Nearly Single-Spin Boundary Conditions
The Spectral Gap of the 2-D Stochastic Ising Model with Mixed Boundary Conditions
Mean-Field Critical Behavior for the Contact Process
Entropy and Random Vectors
Long-Distance Transmission at Zero Dispersion
The Discrete Coagulation Equations with Collisional Breakage
Continuum Theory of Epitaxial Crystal Growth. I
Rigorous Derivation and Analysis of Coupling of Kinetic Equations and Their Hydrodynamic Limits for a Simplified Boltzmann Model
New Models for the Solution of Intermediate Regimes in Transport Theory and Radiative Transfer
Some Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation Without Angular Cutoff
A Markov Process Associated with a Boltzmann Equation Without Cutoff and for Non-Maxwell Molecules
From the Von-Neumann Equation to the Quantum Boltzmann Equation in a Deterministic Framework
Quantum Projector Method on Curved Manifolds
A Strict Inequality for the Random Triangle Model
An Introduction to Chaos in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics Cambridge
Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics