Finite-Size Scaling for the 2D Ising Model with Minus Boundary Conditions
Two-Dimensional Coulomb Systems in a Disk with Ideal Dielectric Boundaries
Crossing the Coexistence Line at Constant Magnetization
On the Gibbsian Nature of the Random Field Kac Model Under Block-Averaging1
Hierarchy of Chaotic Maps with an Invariant Measure
Dynamical Blume–Capel Model
“Free” Evolution of Multi-particle Excitations in the Glauber Dynamics at High Temperature
The LSW Model for Domain Coarsening
Drift Velocity Induced by Collisions
Localization and Propagation in Random Lattices
A Rigorous Derivation of a Linear Kinetic Equation of Fokker–Planck Type in the Limit of Grazing Collisions
Lattice-Boltzmann Simulations of Particle-Fluid Suspensions
Refocusing of a Time-Reversed Acoustic Pulse Propagating in Randomly Layered Media
Renormalized Field Theory of Resistor Diode Percolation
Diffusion Effects on the Breakdown of a Linear Amplifier Model Driven by the Square of a Gaussian Field
The Weierstrass–Mandelbrot Process Revisited1
Spectral Analysis of Fractional Kinetic Equations with Random Data
Retrieval Properties of Bidirectional Associative Memories
The Finite-Size Scaling Functions of the Four-Dimensional Ising Model
Diffusion and Reaction in Fractals and Disordered Systems
Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics