The Asymmetric One-Dimensional Constrained Ising Model
Mandelbrot Cascade Measures Independent of Branching Parameter
Spontaneous Breaking of Translational Invariance and Spatial Condensation in Stationary States on a Ring. II. The Charged System and the Two-Component Burgers Equations
Spectra and Transport in Almost Periodic Dimers
Scale-Invariant Branch Distribution from a Soluble Stochastic Model
Linear Boltzmann Equation as the Long Time Dynamics of an Electron Weakly Coupled to a Phonon Field1
Thermodynamics of the General Diffusion Process
Statistical Mechanics of Classical Systems with Distinguishable Particles
Finitized Conformal Spectra of the Ising Model on the Klein Bottle and Möbius Strip
Exact Potts Model Partition Functions for Strips of the Square Lattice
A Universal Amplitude Ratio for the q ≤ 4 Potts Model from a Solvable Lattice Model
Analyticity of the d-Dimensional Bond Percolation Probability Around p = 1
A Generalization of the Collatz Problem. Building Cycles and a Stochastic Approach
Theory of Critical Phenomena in Finite-Size Systems, Scaling and Quantum Effects
Critical Properties of φ4-Theories
Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics