The Number of Large Graphs with a Positive Density of Triangles
Arctic Octahedron in Three-Dimensional Rhombus Tilings and Related Integer Solid Partitions
Numerical and Theoretical Studies of Noise Effects in the Kauffman Model
Non-Triviality of a Discrete Bak–Sneppen Evolution Model
1/2-Order Fractional Fokker–Planck Equation on Comblike Model
Orbital Divergence and Relaxation in the Gravitational N-Body Problem
On the Derivation of a High-Velocity Tail from the Boltzmann–Fokker–Planck Equation for Shear Flow
Exact Eigenstates for Contact Interactions
Short Time Conservation of Gibbsianness Under Local Stochastic Evolutions
On Large Isolated Regions in Supercritical Percolation
Duality of Orthogonal Polynomials on a Finite Set
Thermal Physics-Entropy and Free Energies.
Brownian Motion: Fluctuations, Dynamics, and Applications.
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