Exact Results for the Universal Area Distribution of Clusters in Percolation, Ising, and Potts Models
Self-Interactions of Strands and Sheets
Quenched Large Deviation Principle for the Overlap of a p-Spins System
The Phase Transition in Statistical Models Defined on Farey Fractions
Two Different Rapid Decorrelation in Time Limits for Turbulent Diffusion
Mean First-Passage Time in the Stochastic Theory of Biochemical Processes. Application to Actomyosin Molecular Motor
Metastability for a Stochastic Dynamics with a Parallel Heat Bath Updating Rule
Fluctuation Dissipation Equation for Lattice Gas with Energy
Multiplicative Cellular Automata on Nilpotent Groups
Time-Reversal and Entropy
Sharp Asymptotics for Fixation Times in Stochastic Population Genetics Models at Low Mutation Probabilities
Self-Similar Asymptotics for the Boltzmann Equation with Inelastic and Elastic Interactions
Singular Limit of a p-Laplacian Reaction-Diffusion Equation with a Spatially Inhomogeneous Reaction Term
Long Paths and Cycles in Dynamical Graphs
Analytic Equation of State of a Quasi One-Dimensional Model Lipid Monolayer
Convergence in Energy-Lowering (Disordered) Stochastic Spin Systems
On AB Bond Percolation on the Square Lattice and AB Site Percolation on Its Line Graph
An Essay and Book Review of the Book
Methods of Statistical Physics.
Chaotic Transitions in Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamical Systems.
Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics