My Life with Fisher
Some Observations on the Early History of Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
Statistical Mechanics in Collective Coordinates
Dimensional Reduction Formulas for Branched Polymer Correlation Functions
Crossover Scaling Functions for 2d Vesicles, and the Yang–Lee Edge Singularity
Ising Field Theory in a Magnetic Field
Crossover Critical Behavior in the Three-Dimensional Ising Model
Cross-Over Between First-Order and Critical Wetting at the Liquid-Vapour Interface of n-Alkane/Methanol Mixtures
Old and New Results on Multicritical Points
Dimers on a Simple-Quartic Net with a Vacancy
Higher Conformal Multifractality1
Multifractal Power Law Distributions
Exact Large Deviation Functional of a Stationary Open Driven Diffusive System
Effect of Detachments in Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Processes1
Thermodynamics of Surface Tension
Debye–Hückel Theory for Charged Aligned Needles and for Polyelectrolyte Solutions
Coulombic Phase Transitions in Dense Plasmas1
Charge Fluctuations in Finite Coulomb Systems
Bose–Einstein Condensation in a Harmonic Trap
A Theory for Quantum Accelerator Modes in Atom Optics
Methodology of Analytic and Computational Studies on Quantum Systems
Initial Decoherence of Open Quantum Systems
Can an Attractive Potential Increase the Pressure of an Ideal Electron Gas?
Critical Casimir Forces in Colloidal Suspensions
Phase Separation of Penetrable Core Mixtures
Application of Statistical Physics to Understand Static and Dynamic Anomalies in Liquid Water1
Computations of Dendrites in 3-D and Comparison with Microgravity Experiments
Vicious Walkers, Friendly Walkers, and Young Tableaux. III. Between Two Walls
Solutions of Doubly and Higher Order Iterated Equations
Rotational Brownian Motion of a Pair of Dipoles Coupled via a Classical Heisenberg Interaction1
Cluster Analysis of Gene Expression Data1
Molecular Motor Cycles
A Simple 1-D Physical Model for the Crawling Nematode Sperm Cell
Three Attractive Osculating Walkers and a Polymer Collapse Transition
External Fields, Density Functionals, and the Gibbs Inequality
The Statistical Mechanics of Semiflexible Equilibrium Polymers
Dynamical van der Waals Model of Glassy Behavior1
Phase Separation Driven by a Fluctuating Two-Dimensional Self-Affine Potential Field
Creation, Dissipation and Recycling of Resources in Non-Equilibrium Systems
Renormalization and Taxonomy
Fluctuation Theory for a Three-Dimensional Model of Maxwellian Molecules
The Uphill Turtle Race; On Short Time Nucleation Probabilities
Monte Carlo Studies of Wetting, Interface Localization and Capillary Condensation1
Program of the 86th Statistical Mechanics Meeting Celebrating the 70th Birthday of Michael E. Fisher
Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics