The Cavity Method at Zero Temperature
Temperature Dependence of the Gibbs State in the Random Energy Model
The Percolation Transition for the Zero-Temperature Stochastic Ising Model on the Hexagonal Lattice
Interfaces for Random Cluster Models
Rigorous Generalization of Young's Law for Heterogeneous and Rough Substrates
Droplet Shapes for a Class of Models in ℤ2 at Zero Temperature
Exact Relations Between Elastic and Electrical Response of d-Dimensional Percolating Networks with Angle-Bending Forces
Non-Universality in Ising Models with Four Spin Interaction
Exact Solution of a Charge-Asymmetric Two-Dimensional Coulomb Gas
Long-Range Order in Nonequilibrium Systems of Interacting Brownian Linear Oscillators
New Developments in the Eight Vertex Model
The Landauer Resistivity on Quantum Wires
Analyticity of Smooth Eigenfunctions and Spectral Analysis of the Gauss Map
An Equation for the Dissipation Rate Correlation and Its Implications for the Intermittency Exponent μ in Turbulence
On a Shock Front in Burgers Turbulence
Proof of an Asymptotic Property of Self-Similar Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation for Granular Materials
Long-Time Behavior for the 1-D Stochastic Ising Model with Unbounded Random Couplings
Stationary States and Scaling Shapes of One-Dimensional Interfaces
Gaussian Fields and Random Packing
Variational Principle and Almost Quasilocality for Renormalized Measures
The Concavity of Entropy and Extremum Principles in Thermodynamics
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