Elliott's World
A Laudatio for Elliott Lieb on His Receiving the Poincaré Medal at the International Congress on Mathematical Physics in Lisbon, July 30, 2003
Elliott Lieb and the Art of Mathematical Physics
Interactive Modelling1
New Kinds of Entropy
The Six and Eight-Vertex Models Revisited
The Odd Eight-Vertex Model
Quantum Spin Chain, Toeplitz Determinants and the Fisher–Hartwig Conjecture
Partition Function Zeros at First-Order Phase Transitions
Continuum Nonsimple Loops and 2D Critical Percolation
A Proof of the Gibbs–Thomson Formula in the Droplet Formation Regime1
Charge Fluctuations for a Coulomb Fluid in a Disk on a Pseudosphere
Local Time-Decay of Solutions to Schrödinger Equations with Time-Periodic Potentials1
Time Asymptotics of the Schrödinger Wave Function in Time-Periodic Potentials1
Ionization of Atoms in a Thermal Field1
Connectedness of the Isospectral Manifold for One-Dimensional Half-Line Schrödinger Operators1
On the Quantum Boltzmann Equation
Some Considerations on the Derivation of the Nonlinear Quantum Boltzmann Equation
On the Nature of Fermi Golden Rule for Open Quantum Systems1
Transport and Dissipation in Quantum Pumps
Magnetic Lieb–Thirring Inequalities with Optimal Dependence on the Field Strength1, 2
Generalized Hardy Inequality for the Magnetic Dirichlet Forms1
Asymptotic Exactness of Magnetic Thomas–Fermi Theory at Nonzero Temperature1
One-Dimensional Models for Atoms in Strong Magnetic Fields, II
Quantum Phase Diagram of an Exactly Solved Mixed Spin Ladder
Correlation at Low Temperature
Lieb's Spin-Reflection-Positivity Method and Its Applications to Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Segregation in the Asymmetric Hubbard Model1, 2
Charge Stripes Due to Electron Correlations in the Two-Dimensional Spinless Falicov–Kimball Model
Ferromagnetic Ordering of Energy Levels1, 2
Random Matrix Theory and the Anderson Model1
Planar Pyrochlore, Quantum Ice and Sliding Ice
Design of a Nanomagnet
Fourier's Law for a Harmonic Crystal with Self-Consistent Stochastic Reservoirs1
Adiabatic Piston as a Dynamical System1
Localization in Infinite Billiards
Minimum Dissipation Principle in Stationary Non-Equilibrium States
On the “Mean Field” Interpretation of Burgers' Equation1
Exact Solution of 1D Asymmetric Exclusion Model with Variable Cluster Size
Geometric Analysis of Bifurcation and Symmetry Breaking in a Gross–Pitaevskii Equation1
Total Positivity Properties of Generalized Hypergeometric Functions of Matrix Argument
Variational Calculation of the Period of Nonlinear Oscillators1
PDE with Random Coefficients and Euclidean Field Theory
Quantum Equilibrium and the Role of Operators as Observables in Quantum Theory1
Electromagnetic Field Theory Without Divergence Problems 1. The Born Legacy1, 2
Electromagnetic Field Theory Without Divergence Problems 2. A Least Invasively Quantized Theory
The Flux-Across-Surfaces Theorem and Zero-Energy Resonances1
Overcoming Nonrenormalizability. Part 2
On the Relation Between Strong Subadditivity and Entanglement
Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics