Renormalization in the Hénon Family, I
Multifractality of the Feigenbaum Attractor and Fractional Derivatives
Multiparameter Critical Situations, Universality and Scaling in Two-Dimensional Period-Doubling Maps
Critical Slowing Down in One-Dimensional Maps and Beyond
Weak Noise Approach to the Logistic Map
Power Series for Solutions of the 3$$-Navier-Stokes System on R 3
Statistics of Stretching Fields in Experimental Fluid Flows Exhibiting Chaotic Advection
Anomalous Scaling of Structure Functions and Dynamic Constraints on Turbulence Simulations
Large Deviations for a Stochastic Model of Heat Flow
Variable Step Random Walks and Self-Similar Distributions*
Flocks and Formations
Plants and Fibonacci
Chaotic Dynamics in an Electronic Model of a Genetic Network
Renormalization and Quantum Scaling of Frenkel–Kontorova Models
A New Approach to Solve the Low-lying States of the Schroedinger Equation
Dynamics of Triangulations
Friction on a Spinning Piece of Matter
The Mathematical Physics of Music