Multifractality of the Feigenbaum Attractor and Fractional Derivatives

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It is shown that fractional derivatives of the (integrated) invariant measure of the Feigenbaum map at the onset of chaos have power-law tails in their cumulative distributions, whose exponents can be related to the spectrum of singularities (f(α). This is a new way of characterizing multifractality in dynamical systems, so far applied only to multifractal random functions [Frisch and Matsumoto, J. Stat. Phys. 108:1181, 2002]. The relation between the thermodynamic approach [Vul, Sinai and Khanin, Russian Math. Surveys39:1, 1984] and that based on singularities of the invariant measures is also examined. The theory for fractional derivatives is developed from a heuristic point view and tested by very accurate simulations.

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