Towards a Theory of Transition Paths
The Linear Fokker-Planck Equation for the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process as an (Almost) Nonlinear Kinetic Equation for an Isolated N-Particle System
Linear Response Theory for Thermally Driven Quantum Open Systems
H-Theorems from Macroscopic Autonomous Equations
Phase Diagram of the Two-dimensional t-t′ Falicov-Kimball Model
Irreducible Free Energy Expansion and Overlaps Locking in Mean Field Spin Glasses
Large Deviations for the Fermion Point Process Associated with the Exponential Kernel
Dobrushin-Kotecký-Shlosman Theorem for Polygonal Markov Fields in the Plane
Anomalous Diffusion Index for Lévy Motions
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Book Review: Statistical Physics:
Book Review:
Addendum to: “Transfer Matrix Functional Relations for the Generalized τ2(t q ) Model, Journal of Statistical Physics 117, 1-25 (2004)”
Erratum on “The Phonon Boltzmann Equation, Properties and Link to Weakly Anharmonic Lattice Dynamics”
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