Single-Site Approximation for Reaction-Diffusion Processes
Fluctuations of Power Injection in Randomly Driven Granular Gases
Scaling and Expansion of Moment Equations in Kinetic Theory
Changes in the Effective Parameters of Averaged Motion in Nonlinear Systems Subject to Noise
Moment Systems Derived from Relativistic Kinetic Equations
Onsager-Casimir Reciprocal Relations Based on the Boltzmann Equation and Gas-Surface Interaction. Gaseous Mixtures
Some Rigorous Results on a Stochastic GOY Model
Lattice Gas with Finite-Range Interaction Under Gravity
Quadrupolar ordering of phospholipid molecules in narrow necks of phospholipid vesicles
Quantum Entropy of Spin Fields in the Schwarzschild-Anti-de Sitter Black Hole with a Global Monopole
Quantum Thermodynamics with Missing Reference Frames:
Finite-Size Scaling in the Energy-Entropy Plane for the 2D ± Ising Spin Glass
Finite-Size Scaling of the Domain Wall Entropy Distributions for the 2D ± J Ising Spin Glass