Jamming Percolation and Glassy Dynamics
On the Dynamics of Kac p-Spin Glasses
Limiting Dynamics for Spherical Models of Spin Glasses at High Temperature
Structural Properties of the Disordered Spherical and Other Mean Field Spin Models
Large Deviations, Guerra's and A.S.S. Schemes, and the Parisi Hypothesis
Some Spin Glass Ideas Applied to the Clique Problem
The Ghirlanda-Guerra Identities
Local Energy Statistics in Spin Glasses
Spin Glass Computations and Ruelle's Probability Cascades
Duality in Finite-Dimensional Spin Glasses
Perturbative Analysis of Disordered Ising Models Close to Criticality
Two Connections Between Random Systems and Non-Gibbsian Measures
Critical Properties and Finite-Size Estimates for the Depinning Transition of Directed Random Polymers
Status of the Fundamental Laws of Thermodynamics
On the Convergence of Entropy for Stationary Exclusion Processes with Open Boundaries
Entropy of Open Lattice Systems