On the Zero Mass Limit of Tagged Particle Diffusion in the 1-d Rayleigh-Gas
Nonlinear Diffusion Through Large Complex Networks Containing Regular Subgraphs
Upper Quantum Lyapunov Exponent and Anosov Relations for Quantum Systems Driven by a Classical Flow
On the Solutions of Linear Odd-Order Heat-Type Equations with Random Initial Conditions
Parameter Estimation for Multiscale Diffusions
Multifractal Spectrum of an Experimental (Video Feedback) Farey Tree
Global Solution to the Relativistic Enskog Equation with Near-Vacuum Data
When a Random Walk of Fixed Length can Lead Uniformly Anywhere Inside a Hypersphere
Mean Field Magnetic Phase Diagrams for the Two Dimensional t–t' – U Hubbard Model
Generalized Random Energy Model II
Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics
Program of the 96th Statistical Mechanics Conference Rutgers University, Hill Center, Room 114 Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, December 17–19, 2006