Superbosonization Formula and its Application to Random Matrix Theory
Symmetrized Models of Last Passage Percolation and Non-Intersecting Lattice Paths
Wigner Random Matrices with Non-Symmetrically Distributed Entries
Correlation Functions of Harish-Chandra Integrals over the Orthogonal and the Symplectic Groups
On the Proof of Universality for Orthogonal and Symplectic Ensembles in Random Matrix Theory
Universality for Orthogonal and Symplectic Laguerre-Type Ensembles
Fluctuation Properties of the TASEP with Periodic Initial Configuration
Replica Symmetry Breaking Condition Exposed by Random Matrix Calculation of Landscape Complexity
Non-Colliding Paths in the Honeycomb Dimer Model and the Dyson Process
Pfaffian Expressions for Random Matrix Correlation Functions
Integrable Structure of Ginibre's Ensemble of Real Random Matrices and a Pfaffian Integration Theorem
Noncolliding Brownian Motion and Determinantal Processes