On Screening Induced Fluctuations in Ostwald Ripening
Travelling Randomly on the Poincaré Half-Plane with a Pythagorean Compass
Wetting Transition on a One-Dimensional Disorder
Pattern Theorems, Ratio Limit Theorems and Gumbel Maximal Clusters for Random Fields
Diffusion Coefficient of a Brownian Particle with a Friction Function Given by a Power Law
Global Existence Proof for Relativistic Boltzmann Equation with Hard Interactions
A Volume Inequality for Quantum Fisher Information and the Uncertainty Principle
Aspect-Ratio Scaling of Domain Wall Entropy for the 2D ±J Ising Spin Glass
On the Residual Entropy of the Blume-Emery-Griffiths Model
Limiting Shapes for Deterministic Centrally Seeded Growth Models
Birth of a New Class of Period-Doubling Scaling Behavior as a Result of Bifurcation in the Renormalization Equation
Resonant Forcing of Chaotic Dynamics
J.-R. Chazottes and B. Fernandez (eds)