A Celebration of Jürg and Tom
Partition Functions, Loop Measure, and Versions of SLE
Power Series Representations for Bosonic Effective Actions
Quantum Dynamics with Mean Field Interactions
A Resonance Theory for Open Quantum Systems with Time-Dependent Dynamics
Ground State and Resonances in the Standard Model of the Non-Relativistic QED
Clustering of Fermionic Truncated Expectation Values Via Functional Integration
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The Eye of a Mathematical Physicist
Long Range Order for Lattice Dipoles
Thermal Relaxation of a QED Cavity
Heat Conduction and Entropy Production in Anharmonic Crystals with Self-Consistent Stochastic Reservoirs
Thermostats, Chaos and Onsager Reciprocity
Not to Normal Order—Notes on the Kinetic Limit for Weakly Interacting Quantum Fluids
Classical Capacity of Quantum Channels with General Markovian Correlated Noise