Random Loose Packing in Granular Matter
Duality and Hidden Symmetries in Interacting Particle Systems
Computation of Current Cumulants for Small Nonequilibrium Systems
Generic Two-Phase Coexistence and Nonequilibrium Criticality in a Lattice Version of Schlögl's Second Model for Autocatalysis
The Structure of Typical Clusters in Large Sparse Random Configurations
A Mathematical Study of the One-Dimensional Keller and Rubinow Model for Liesegang Bands
Stochastic Particle Approximation for Measure Valued Solutions of the 2D Keller-Segel System
From Discrete Velocity Boltzmann Equations to Gas Dynamics Before Shocks
High-Order Coupled Cluster Method (CCM) Calculations for Quantum Magnets with Valence-Bond Ground States
P. Castiglione, M. Falcioni, A. Lesne, A. Vulpiani