Cancer and Stem Cell Signaling
Signaling Pathways in Cancer and Embryonic Stem Cells
The Wnt Signal Transduction Pathway in Stem Cells and Cancer Cells
Networking of WNT, FGF, Notch, BMP, and Hedgehog Signaling Pathways during Carcinogenesis
Stem Cells and TCF Proteins
The Stem Cell Identity of Testicular Cancer
The Flawed Scientific Basis of the Altered Nuclear Transfer-Oocyte Assisted Reprogramming (ANT-OAR) Proposal
Facing up to the Feasibility of ANT-OAR
Exploiting the Convergence of Embryonic and Tumorigenic Signaling Pathways to Develop New Therapeutic Targets
Stem Cell Origin of Death-from-Cancer Phenotypes of Human Prostate and Breast Cancers
Stem Cell Chronicles