Diverse immunostaining patterns of mineralocorticoid receptor monoclonal antibodies

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▸ Monoclonal antibodies were raised against a recombinant mineralocorticoid receptor. ▸ A subset of antibodies labeled only cytosol or plasma membranes. ▸ The mineralocorticoid receptor is highly unstable.

The mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) is a widely distributed ligand activated nuclear transcription factor that is bound by various chaperone proteins that alter its conformation depending upon its location in the cell and whether it is ligand-bound. We describe the development and characterization of new monoclonal antibodies produced against a rat recombinant protein corresponding to aminoacids 5–550 of the MR to produce antibodies that recognize the receptor in specific conformations. Most of the resulting monoclonal antibodies studied were similar to those we produced by immunization with peptide isotopes, however two detected a single band at the appropriate molecular mass as the MR and had distinct immunostaining characteristics in neurons. One labeled cytosolic MR, the other labeled membranes and cytosol, including axons. These antibodies will permit study of the subcellular localization of the MR under various physiological and pathological conditions. We have also confirmed that the MR is highly unstable and requires special handling.

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