Cytotoxicity of pregnane glycosides ofCynanchum otophyllum

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Fourteen new pregnane glycosides, including nine caudatin glycosides (1–9), three qinyangshengenin glycosides (10–12), one kidjoranin glycosides (13) and one gagaminin glycosides (14), along with twelve known analogs (15–26) were isolated from roots of Cynanchum otophyllum Schneid. Their structures were deduced by detailed analysis of 1D and 2D NMR spectra, as well as HRESIMS. In this study, all pregnane glycosides obtained (1–26) were evaluated for their cytotoxic activities using three cancer cell lines (HepG2, Hela, U251). As results, except 6 and 10, other twenty-four pregnane glycosides showed cytotoxicities at different degrees against three cell lines.

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