Synthesis and biological evaluation of 3β-androsta-5,8(14),15-trien-17-one derivatives as potential anticancer agents

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Graphical abstract

The efficient synthesis of some androsta-5(6),8(14),15(16)-trien-17-one derivatives was investigated. The synthesized compounds showed significant anticancer activity against A549, SKOV3, MKN-45 and MDA-MB-435 cell lines.

A novel and operationally simple method for highly efficient synthesis of promising anti-cancer 3β-hydroxy-16-arylandrosta-5,8(14),15-trien-17-ones was reported. Compounds were tested for their cytotoxic activities against A549, SKOV3, MKN-45 and MDA-MB-435 cancer cell lines. The preliminary results showed that compounds 5e, g were the most active especially against cancer cell lines tested.

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