Spironolactone voltammetric determination on renewable amalgam film electrode

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In this study a new high sensitive method of spironolactone (SP) determination is proposed using voltammetric technique. As the working electrode amalgam film silver based electrode (Hg(Ag)FE) was applied, that resulted in obtaining low limit of spironolactone detection, ex. for the preconcentration time 45 s obtained detection limit was 4.7·10−9 mol L−1 (1.96·10−6 g L−1). The linear response of spironolactone signal on mercury film electrode was obtained in the range of concentration from 15·10−9 to 3.0·10−6 mol L−1 and the obtained repeatability measured as RSD was very good, with the value of 2.0% (n = 5; concentration 0.5·10−6 mol L−1). The proposed method was successfully applied and validated by studying the recovery in commercially available pharmaceutical formulations containing known amount of spironolactone.HighlightsA novel procedure of spironolactone determination on the Hg(Ag)FE is presented.Developed method provided high sensitivity of spironolactone measurements.The proposed method could be applied for drug samples analysis with acceptable accuracy.

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