C11-oxy C19 and C11-oxy C21 steroids in neonates: UPC2-MS/MS quantification of plasma 11β-hydroxyandrostenedione, 11-ketotestosterone and 11-ketoprogesterone

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Graphical abstractHighlightsIn neonates 11OHA4, 11KT and 11KPROG are the most abundant C11-oxy steroids at birth.Neonatal steroid levels at day 0–1: 11OHA4, 13 nM; 11KT, 5 nM; and 11KPROG, 23 nM.Neonatal steroid levels: C11-oxy C19 steroids (22.2 nM) ≫ C19 steroids (5.4 nM).The purpose of this study was to identify the C11-oxy C19 and C11-oxy C21 steroids in male and female neonate plasma. At birth, the most abundant C11-oxy steroids detected in neonatal plasma were 11β-hydroxyandrostenedione, ˜13 nM, and 11-ketoprogesterone, ˜23 nM. C11-oxy C19 steroids were higher than C19 steroids in neonatal plasma, 22.2 nM vs 5.4 nM. The inclusion of C11-oxy C19 and C21 steroid reference ranges in routine steroid analyses will assist the characterization of disorders associated with impaired steroidogenic enzyme expression and the identification of potential biomarkers.

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