XIII International Workshop on the Development and Function of the Reproductive Organs
12th International Congress of Endocrinology
Characterization of a plasma membrane-resident albumin-binding protein associated with the proliferation of estrogen-target, serum-sensitive cells
27-Hydroxylation of 7- and 8-dehydrocholesterol in Smith–Lemli–Opitz syndrome: a novel metabolic pathway
Probing the active site of aromatase with 2-methyl-substituted androstenedione analogs
HPLC and ELISA analyses of larval bile acids from Pacific and western brook lampreys
Differential effects of short-term prednisolone treatment on peripheral and abdominal subcutaneous thickness in children assessed by ultrasound
Structure–activity relationships of 3-deoxy androgens as aromatase inhibitors. synthesis and biochemical studies of 4-substituted 4-ene and 5-ene steroids
Anti-glucocorticoid effects of progesterone in vivo on rat adipose tissue metabolism
Cortisol secretion in the elderly. Influence of age, sex and cardiovascular disease in a Chinese population