Involvement of multiple transcription factors in the regulation of steroidogenic acute regulatory protein gene expression
Aldosterone and aldosteronism
Characterization of [11C]vorozole binding in ovarian tissue in rats throughout estrous cycle in association with conversion of androgens to estrogens in vivo and in vitro
Synthesis of hapten and conjugates of coumestrol and development of immunoassay
Synthesis of ester-linked lithocholic acid dimers
Synthesis of the 7α-cyano-(17α,20 E/Z )-[125I]iodovinyl-19-nortestosterones: potential radioligands for androgen and progesterone receptors
Limitations of direct estradiol and testosterone immunoassay kits
Androgen receptor isoforms AR-A and AR-B display functional differences in cultured human bone cells and genital skin fibroblasts
Synthesis and biological properties of 7α-cyano derivatives of the (17α,20 E/Z )-[125I]iodovinyl- and 16α-[125I]iodo-estradiols