Regulatory Peptides 2004 15th International Symposium on Regulatory Peptides
Synthesis of novel steroid-tetrahydroquinoline hybrid molecules and d-homosteroids by intramolecular cyclization reactions
Effects of hormone therapy on insulin signaling proteins in skeletal muscle of cynomolgus monkeys
Five new C21 steroidal glycosides from Cynanchum komarovii Al.Iljinski
Inhibition of type 2 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase by estradiol derivatives bearing a lactone on the D-ring: structure–activity relationships
Ex vivo studies on the acute and chronic effects of DHEA and DHEA-sulfate on melatonin synthesis in young- and old-rat pineal glands
Sexual dimorphism in the content of progesterone and estrogen receptors, and their cofactors in the lung of adult rats
Oxandrolone blocks glucocorticoid signaling in an androgen receptor-dependent manner