5α-Reductase inhibition activity of steroids isolated from marine soft corals
Synthesis of polyhydroxysterols (IV): synthesis of 24-methylene-cholesta-3β,5α,6β,19-tetrol, a cytotoxic natural hydroxylated sterol
Neighboring group participation Part 15. Stereoselective synthesis of some steroidal tetrahydrooxazin-2-ones, as novel presumed inhibitors of human 5α-reductase☆
Development of a highly sensitive and specific new testosterone time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay in human serum
15α-Hydroxyprogesterone in male sea lampreys, Petromyzon marinus L.
Stereoselective synthesis of (22 R )- and (22 S )-castasterone/ponasterone A hybrid compounds and evaluation of their molting hormone activity
The synthesis of functionalized 13,14-seco-steroids via Grob fragmentation
Synthesis of 13,14-secotestosterone derivatives
Reaction of (13 S )-13-iodo-6β-methoxy-3α,5-cyclo-13,14-seco-5α-androstane-14,17-dione with hydroxylamine and its application to the synthesis of new 13,14-seco steroids