Four new C-21 steroidal glycosides from the roots of Stephanotis mucronata and their immunological activities
Microbial transformation of 17α-ethynyl- and 17α-ethylsteroids, and tyrosinase inhibitory activity of transformed products
Hypoxic alterations of cortisol circadian rhythm in man after simulation of a long duration flight
Validation of the plasma half-life of 11α-deuterium cortisol as a sensitive index for the analysis of human 11β-HSD2 activity in vivo
Transformations of 4- and 17α-substituted testosterone analogues by Fusarium culmorum
Chlorination of 3β-hydroxyl-5-Δ steroids with anhydrous ferric chloride
Gas chromatography–mass spectrometric analysis of oxidative reactions of [19,19-2H2]19-hydroxy-3-deoxy androgens by placental aromatase
Tibolone and its metabolites enhance tissue factor and PAI-1 expression in human endometrial stromal cells: Evidence of progestogenic effects