Nongenomic effects of estrogen: Why all the uncertainty?
Synthesis of 7-substituted-5-androstene derivatives promoted by SmI2
Prostate cancer cell type-specific involvement of the VDR and RXR in regulation of the human PTHrP gene via a negative VDRE
Steroidal seven-membered A-ring epoxy lactones by oxidation of the corresponding Δ4-3-ketosteroids
Syntheses of 19-[ O -(carboxymethyl)oxime] haptens of epipregnanolone and pregnanolone
Glucocorticoids stimulate the activity of large-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels in pituitary GH3 and AtT-20 cells via a non-genomic mechanism
Neighboring group participation Part 16. Stereoselective synthesis and receptor-binding examination of the four stereoisomers of 16-bromomethyl-3,17-estradiols
Rapid inhibitory effect of glucocorticoids on airway smooth muscle contractions in guinea pigs
Dracaenogenins A and B, new spirostanols from the red resin of Dracaena cochinchinensis
Developmental changes of serum steroids produced by cytochrome P450c17 in rat
Steroidal saponins from roots of Asparagus officinalis
3-Keto steroids from the marine organisms Dendrophyllia cornigera and Cymodocea nodosa