In vitro anti-inflammatory activities of new steroidal antedrugs: [16α,17α-d] Isoxazoline and [16α,17α-d]-3′-hydroxy-iminoformyl isoxazoline derivatives of prednisolone and 9α-fluoroprednisolone
Xanthomonas maltophilia CBS 897.97 as a source of new 7β- and 7α-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases and cholylglycine hydrolase: Improved biotransformations of bile acids
Ornithosaponins A–D, four new polyoxygenated steroidal glycosides from the bulbs of Ornithogalum thyrsoides
Differential effects of hydrocortisone on sympathetic and hemodynamic responses to sympathoexcitatory manoeuvres in men
Simulation of long-haul flights in humans: Prolonged mild hypoxia does not alter the circadian time structure of plasma testosterone and gonadotrophins
A direct antigen heterologous enzyme immunoassay for measuring progesterone in serum without using displacer
Synthesis of multiply 13C-labeled furofuran lignans using 13C-labeled cinnamyl alcohols as building blocks
Protection against dextran sodium sulfate-induced colitis by dehydroepiandrosterone and 7α-hydroxy-dehydroepiandrosterone in the rat
High affinity 17α-substituted estradiol derivatives: Synthesis and evaluation of estrogen receptor agonist activity
Estrogen induces phospholipase A2 activation through ERK1/2 to mobilize intracellular calcium in MCF-7 cells
One-pot, high yield synthesis of α-ketols from Δ5-steroids
Adequacy of saliva 17-hydroxyprogesterone determination using various collection methods