Lipase-catalyzed regioselective preparation of fatty acid esters of hydrocortisone
Estrogen-induced stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1/ Cxcl12 ) expression is repressed by progesterone and by Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators via estrogen receptor α in rat uterine cells and tissues
Steroselective synthesis of some steroidal oxazolines, as novel potential inhibitors of 17α-hydroxylase-C17,20-lyase
Effect of resistance exercise on muscle steroid receptor protein content in strength-trained men and women
New oxandrolone derivatives by biotransformation using Rhizopus stolonifer
DHEA effects on myocardial Akt signaling modulation and oxidative stress changes in aged rats
Antitumor and antimetastatic activities of Rhizoma Paridis saponins
Synthesis and cytotoxic analysis of some disodium 3β,6β-dihydroxysterol disulfates
Ximaosteroids A–D, new steroids from the Hainan soft coral Scleronephthya sp.
Autocrine BMP4 signaling involves effect of cholesterol myristate on proliferation of mesenchymal stem cells
Synthesis of “glycospirostanes” via ring-closing metathesis