The reproductive endocrinology of the menopausal transition
Molecular mechanisms of steroid receptor-mediated actions by synthetic progestins used in HRT and contraception
Steroid hormone levels associated with passive and active smoking
Dexamethasone decreases cholestatic liver injury via inhibition of intrinsic pathway with simultaneous enhancement of mitochondrial biogenesis
Easy stereoselective synthesis of 5α-estrane-3β,17α-diol, the major metabolite of nandrolone in the horse
Differential metabolism of androst-5-ene-3β,17β-diol between rats, canines, monkeys and humans
Estrogen receptor α is involved in the induction of Calbindin-D9k and progesterone receptor by parabens in GH3 cells: A biomarker gene for screening xenoestrogens
Role of 11β-OH-C19 and C21 steroids in the coupling of 11β-HSD1 and 17β-HSD3 in regulation of testosterone biosynthesis in rat Leydig cells
Synthesis and cytotoxicity of A-homo-lactam derivatives of cholic acid and 7-deoxycholic acid
Efficient synthesis of 17-acetyl-13-( p -bromophenyl)-3-methoxy-11,11-bis(methoxycarbonyl)gona-1,3,5(10)-trienes
Synthesis of Hoodigogenin A, aglycone of natural appetite suppressant glycosteroids extracted from Hoodia gordonii
Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of some 16E-arylidene androstane derivatives as potential anticancer agents
Philadelphicalactones C and D and other cytotoxic compounds from Physalis philadelphica