New propanoyloxy derivatives of 5β-cholan-24-oic acid as drug absorption modifiers
Cholesterol suppresses adipocytic differentiation of mouse adipose-derived stromal cells via PPARγ2 signaling
Anabolic potential of bone mineral in human periosteal fibroblasts using steroid markers of healing
Steroids excreted in urine by neonates with 21-hydroxylase deficiency. 4. Characterization, using GC–MS and GC–MS/MS, of 11oxo-pregnanes and 11oxo-pregnenes ☆
An accurate, non-invasive approach to diagnose Cushing’s syndrome in at-risk populations
A convenient cellular assay for the identification of the molecular target of ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitors and quantification of their effects on total ergosterol biosynthesis
Facile synthesis of novel D-ring modified steroidal dienamides via rearrangement of 2 H -pyrans
The role of DNA methylation and histone acetylation in the regulation of progesterone receptor isoforms expression in human astrocytoma cell lines
Synthesis and structure–activity relationships study of cytotoxic bufalin 3-nitrogen-containing-ester derivatives
Estrogen facilitates osteoblast differentiation by upregulating bone morphogenetic protein-4 signaling
Synthesis and molecular modeling of (4′ R )- and (4′ S )- 4′-substituted 2′-{[( E )-androst-5-en-17-ylidene]-methyl}oxazolines