Mechanistic insights on the reactivity of furospirostanes with the 16β,22:22,25-diepoxy-23-acetoxymethyl-24-methyl side chain
Diacetoxyiodobenzene-mediated synthesis of unnatural furospirostane sapogenins derived from diosgenin and tigogenin
Excretion profile of corticosteroids in bovine urine compared with tissue residues after therapeutic and growth-promoting administration of dexamethasone
Identification of 15d-PGJ2 as an antagonist of farnesoid X receptor: Molecular modeling with biological evaluation
Regio- and stereocontrolled synthesis of novel steroidal isoxazolines: A new route to the formation of selectively modified steroid side chains
New polyfluorothiopropanoyloxy derivatives of 5β-cholan-24-oic acid designed as drug absorption modifiers
Cytotoxic 9,11-secosteroids from the South China Sea gorgonian Subergorgia suberosa
Induction of quinone reductase (QR) by withanolides isolated from Physalis pubescens L. (Solanaceae)
Hurgadacin: A new steroid from Sinularia polydactyla
Synthesis and cytotoxicity of some novel 21 E -benzylidene steroidal derivatives
Caught between triterpene- and steroid-metabolism: 4α-Carboxylic pregnane-derivative from the marine alga-derived fungus Phaeosphaeria spartinae
Overestimation of salivary 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 level when using stimulated saliva with gum-chewing
Combined quantification of corticotropin-releasing hormone, cortisol-to-cortisone ratio and progesterone by liquid chromatography–Tandem mass spectrometry in placental tissue
Nodulisporisteriods A and B, the first 3,4- seco -4-methyl-progesteroids from Nodulisporium sp.
Synthetic pathway to 22,23-dioxocholestanic chain derivatives and their usefulness for obtaining brassinosteroid analogues
Synthesis and antiprogestational properties of novel 17-fluorinated steroids
Androgens inhibit adipogenesis during human adipose stem cell commitment to preadipocyte formation
An efficient synthesis of 7α,12α-dihydroxy-4-cholesten-3-one and its biological precursor 7α-hydroxy-4-cholesten-3-one: Key intermediates in bile acid biosynthesis
Synthesis and structure of 16,22-diketocholesterol bound to oxysterol-binding protein Osh4
Tumor cell growth inhibitory activity and structure–activity relationship of polyoxygenated steroids from the gorgonian Menella kanisa
Convergent synthesis and cytotoxic activities of 26-thio- and selenodioscin
Molecular aspects of androgenic signaling and possible targets for therapeutic intervention in prostate cancer
Synthesis antimicrobial and antioxidant studies of new oximes of steroidal chalcones