LC/ESI-MS/MS analysis of urinary 3β-sulfooxy-7β- N -acetylglucosaminyl-5-cholen-24-oic acid and its amides: New biomarkers for the detection of Niemann–Pick type C disease
Changes in mammary secretory tissue during lactation in ovariectomized dairy cows
Isolation of acetylated bile acids from the sponge Siphonochalina fortis and DNA damage evaluation by the comet assay
Blockage of progesterone receptor effectively protects pancreatic islet beta cell viability
A synthetic steroid 5α-androst-3β,5,6β-triol blocks hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced neuronal injuries via protection of mitochondrial function ☆
Synthesis and crystallographic study of 1,25-dihydroxyergocalciferol analogs
Neuroprotective polyhydroxypregnane glycosides from Cynanchum otophyllum
Cycloaddition of steroidal cyclic nitrones to C=N dipolarophiles: Stereoselective synthesis and antiproliferative effects of oxadiazolidinones in the estrone series
Cytotoxic cardenolides from the root bark of Calotropis gigantea
Use of urinary pregnanediol 3-glucuronide to confirm ovulation ☆
Alphaxalone inhibits growth, migration and invasion of rat C6 malignant glioma cells
Corrigendum to “Isolation and identification of petromyzestrosterol, a polyhydroxysteroid from sexually mature male sea lampreys ( Petromyzon marinus, L.)” [Steroids 77 (7) (2012) 806–810],