25-Methoxylprotopanaxadiol derivatives and their anti-proliferative activities
Biotransformation of 17α-ethynyl substituted steroidal drugs with microbial and plant cell cultures
The effects of saliva collection, handling and storage on salivary testosterone measurement
One-pot efficient synthesis of 13( R ),14( R )-epoxy-17β-methyl-20( S )-hydroxyl-18-nor-pregna-4-en-3-one via a tandem epoxidation-rearrangement-epoxidation reaction sequence
The regio- and stereo-selective reduction of steroidal 4-en-3-ones using Na2S2O4/NaHCO3 and CuCl/NaBH4
Amides derived from heteroaromatic amines and selected steryl hemiesters
Bioactive polyhydroxylated sterols from the marine sponge Haliclona crassiloba