Spirostanol steroids from the roots of Allium tuberosum
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Identification of seven novel CYP11B1 gene mutations in Chinese patients with 11β-hydroxylase deficiency
Erroneous epimerization at C-22 in sapogenins
Cell-based assay of nongenomic actions of progestins revealed inhibitory G protein coupling to membrane progestin receptor α (mPRα)
Polyamine derivatives of betulinic acid and β-sitosterol: A comparative investigation
Regio- and stereoselective cleavage of steroidal 22-oxo-23-spiroketals catalyzed by BF3·Et2O
Placental claudin expression and its regulation by endogenous sex steroid hormones
A new pregnenolone analogues as privileged scaffolds in inhibition of CYP17 hydroxylase enzyme. Synthesis and in silico molecular docking study