Molecular and Systems Integration of Genomic and Nongenomic Steroid Hormone Action
Interplay between steroid hormone activation of the unfolded protein response and nuclear receptor action
There goes the neighborhood: Assembly of transcriptional complexes during the regulation of metabolism and inflammation by the glucocorticoid receptor
Lacking of estradiol reduces insulin exocytosis from pancreatic β-cells and increases hepatic insulin degradation
Effects of antenatal glucocorticoids on the developing brain
Further evidence for a membrane receptor that binds glucocorticoids in the rodent hypothalamus
Nuclear and extranuclear-initiated estrogen receptor signaling crosstalk and endocrine resistance in breast cancer
Progesterone induces progesterone receptor gene ( PGR ) expression via rapid activation of protein kinase pathways required for cooperative estrogen receptor alpha (ER) and progesterone receptor (PR) genomic action at ER/PR target genes
Actions of l-thyroxine and Nano-diamino-tetrac (Nanotetrac) on PD-L1 in cancer cells
Moderate alcohol consumption in chronic form enhances the synthesis of cholesterol and C-21 steroid hormones, while treatment with Tinospora cordifolia modulate these events in men