Renaissance of isoprenoids research
Synthesis of sulfated brassinosteroids
Flow-cytometric analysis of reactive oxygen species in cancer cells under treatment with brassinosteroids
Effect of 24- epi brassinolide on Brassica napus alternative respiratory pathway, guard cells movements and phospholipid signaling under salt stress
Brassinosteroid-induced changes of lipid composition in leaves of Pisum sativum L. during senescence
Uptake and metabolism of fluorescent steroids by mycobacterial cells
Improved enzyme-mediated synthesis and supramolecular self-assembly of naturally occurring conjugates of β-sitosterol
Electrochemical cholesterylation of sugars with cholesteryl diphenylphosphate
Physicochemical and biological properties of novel amide-based steroidal inhibitors of NMDA receptors
p Ka values of hyodeoxycholic and cholic acids in the binary mixed micelles sodium-hyodeoxycholate–Tween 40 and sodium-cholate–Tween 40: Thermodynamic stability of the micelle and the cooperative hydrogen bond formation with the steroid skeleton
A study on the reaction of 16-dehydropregnenolone acetate with 2-aminobenzimidazole
Synthesis of novel lupane triterpenoid-indazolone hybrids with oxime ester linkage
Spectral and microscopic study of self-assembly of novel cationic spermine amides of betulinic acid
Trilobolide-steroid hybrids: Synthesis, cytotoxic and antimycobacterial activity
Immunoassay for determination of trilobolide
Stereoselectivity of formation of monoterpene – Amino acids hybrid molecules in the reaction of monoterpene nitroso chlorides with α-amino acid derivatives
Corrigendum to “New polyhydroxylated sterols from Palythoa tuberculosa and their apoptotic activity in cancer cells” [Steroids 101 (2015) 110–115],
Corrigendum to “Stereocontrolled synthesis of the four 16-hydroxymethyl-19-nortestosterone isomers and their antiproliferative activities” [Steroids 105 (2016) 113–120],