The National Academy of Sciences Releases Report on the Stigma of Behavioral Health
Internal Structure and Reliability of the Internalized Stigma of Mental Illness Scale (ISMI-29) and Brief Versions (ISMI-10, ISMI-9) Among Americans With Depression
Individual and Neighborhood Predictors of Mental Illness Stigma in New York State
Stigma Resistance at the Personal, Peer, and Public Levels : A New Conceptual Model
A Quantitative Comparison of the Health-Care Disclosure Experiences of Rural and Nonrural Lesbians
Generalized Anxiety Disorder Stigma in Adolescents : Personal and Perceived Stigma Levels and Predictors
Moment-to-Moment Within-Person Associations Between Acts of Discrimination and Internalized Stigma in People Living With HIV : An Experience Sampling Study
Health and Health Care of Rural Sexual and Gender Minorities : A Systematic Review