Sexual Orientation Reflection and Rumination Scale: Development and Psychometric Evaluation

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The current research details the development and psychometric evaluation of the Sexual Orientation Reflection and Rumination Scale (SRRS). The SRRS was developed to measure reflective and ruminative thought specifically in the context of sexual minority identity. Items of the SRRS were formulated taking into account previous research in rumination, minority stress, and identity processing. Two U.S. samples were collected to investigate the psychometric properties of the SRRS. The resulting 12-item scale comprises 4 factors: reflection, rumination, preoccupation with others’ perceptions, and perseveration. Identity-related measures (internalized homophobia; perceived stigma; and lesbian, gay, and bisexual identity) accounted for 46% of the variance in SRRS scores and only 10–23% for general rumination measures. SRRS scores were also somewhat sensitive to sexual orientation identity; individuals endorsing a monosexual label (e.g., lesbian and gay) had lower perseveration scores than did individuals endorsing a plurisexual label (e.g., bisexual, pansexual, queer).

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