Chronic Illness Rejection and Discrimination Scale: An Instrument Modification and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

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The present study developed and psychometrically evaluated the Chronic Illness Rejection and Discrimination Scale (CIRDS), which is a new measure for use with individuals with serious health conditions, developed based on prior measures of perceived discrimination (i.e., Klonoff & Landrine, 1995; Szymanski, 2006). The present study tested the factor structure of the measure with 499 individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS). Confirmatory factor analysis supported a 3-factor structure of the CIRDS that provided adequate fit to the data and reflected 3 dimensions of discrimination: (a) Harassment and Rejection, (b) Workplace and School Discrimination, and (c) Other Discrimination Experiences. The CIRDS demonstrated excellent internal consistency reliabilities and was related, as expected, to indicators of concurrent validity (stigma consciousness, social support) and criterionrelated validity (psychological distress, life satisfaction). The measure developed in this study may help further elucidate links between minority stress and indicators of psychological health for people with chronic illnesses. Limitations of the CIRD and future directions are discussed.

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