P107 Exploring the awareness and acceptability of screening methods for anal intraepithelial neoplasia (AIN) in the HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM) population

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IntroductionRates of AIN and anal squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) are increasing worldwide, particularly within high-risk populations, such as HIV-positive MSM. Although screening programmes for AIN exist, evidence supporting their benefit is currently limited and ongoing studies will provide crucial data regarding their efficacy.Aim(s)/ObjectivesTo determine awareness of AIN and acceptability of potential screening methods in a large HIV-positive MSM cohort with high rates of anal SCC, to assist in the development of future services and to evaluate a patient information leaflet.MethodsA patient information leaflet was designed providing information about AIN and screening methods. Respondents read the leaflet and completed a survey determining both its usefulness and attitudes towards screening services.Results172 HIV-positive MSM completed the survey with a modal age-range of 45–54. 146 (84.9%) read the leaflet and found it useful. Though only 23 (13.4%) were previously aware of AIN, 119 (69%) were concerned. 23 (13.4%) self-examined regularly though 88 (51.2%) were not aware of self-examination. However, 119 (83.2%) were willing to self-examine and 142 (99.3%) would accept examination by a healthcare professional. Support for a screening programme was strong with 143 (83.1%) of respondents stating they would be willing to participate.DiscussionIn this well-informed HIV-positive MSM population, awareness of AIN and screening methods is low, however self-examination and screening is acceptable. It appears that our information leaflet is a useful tool to raise understanding and promote self-examination.

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