P141 Management of sexual assault in a nurse-delivered sexual health service

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IntroductionComparing April 2014 to March 2015 with the same period in 2013–14, has seen an increase of 32% in the number of serious sexual offences reported to Police in our county.We audited management of complainants of sexual assault attending our nurse-delivered sexual health service against BASHH auditable outcome measures (guidelines 2011) and other factors relevant to improving the quality of sexual assault aftercare offered.MethodsRetrospective study November 2014 to November 2015.50 case notes were identified from two sites within our service – 23 from Site1 and 27 Site2. In addition to BASHH auditable outcomes, we included data such as: Time from assault to attendance, History of previous assault, Disclosure at time of attendance, Police report at attendance & Attitude to reporting at end of consultation, documentation of follow up plan re medical and psychosocial support/referrals.Results33/50 (66%) complainants were <25 years. Nearly 40% attended within the first 7 days, half of these within 3 days, 35/50 (70%) within 6 weeks of assault. Compliance with BASHH outcomes reached 100% in baseline STI screening and documentation of child protection needs, 84-92% for essential history components, 90% Hepatitis B offer, 79% Emergency contraception, 74% FME and 70% PEP offer. Self-harm assessment 76%. Documentation of physical injury 20% and offer of prophylactic antibiotics 2%.DiscussionWe have re-designed our proforma to more readily capture poorly documented information. A review use of skill mix, training updates regarding forensic time scales/pathways for early intervention were undertaken, with algorithms included in updated proforma.

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